Top 13 Best secondary schools in Abuja (2023) Updated (2023)

This is a list of some of the best secondary schools in Abuja in 2023.

You will find some of the best secondary schools in Nigeria in the city of Abuja. This is not surprising, Abuja is one of the most prestigious states in Nigeria.

Every year, thousands of families

relocate to Abuja and soon, the search for the best schools in Abuja for their wards begins. Apart from that, parents who reside in Abuja continually search for the best schools to satisfy the educational needs of their growing children.

In this article, I'll take a closer look at each listed school's academic programs, facilities, and other vital information you’ll need to decide where to enroll your child in Abuja. So, if you're looking for the best schools in Abuja in 2023, keep reading to find out more.

15 Best secondary schools in Abuja in 2023

1.Loyola Jesuit College

2.Nigerian Turkish International College

3.Capital Science Academy

4.Premiere Academy

5.American International School

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6.The Regent College

7.Aduvie International School

8.Lead British International School

9.Whiteplains British School

10.Start Rite School

11.Glisten International Academy

12.The Centagon International School

13.Faith Academy

Best secondary schools in Abuja 2023

1.Loyola Jesuit College

Loyola Jesuit College (LJC) is part of the worldwide family of Jesuit schools run by the Society of Jesus in Abuja, Nigeria in Africa.

With them, it shares a common vision and philosophy derived from the writings of the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Loyola Jesuit College is a co-educational boarding secondary school in the Jesuit tradition. The college opened with JSS-1 in 1996 and now has over 600 students in JSS-1 to SSS-3. It is a full boarding school, with teaching and supervision from members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in collaboration with the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and dedicated lay teachers and staff.

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The school is arguably top of the best secondary schools in Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria.

2.Nigerian Turkish International College

Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC) was founded in 1998 in Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria. The school was welcomed by Nigerians and has been supported constantly since its inception. NTIC has been embraced by different sections of society from every state of the country. Today, the school leads as one of the best in Nigeria.

The school has a strong leadership structure headed by the Managing Director, normally appointed by the Board of Directors. Strategic decisions in respect of the institution are made by the Board of Directors. Management team members are trained educationists with a minimum university Degree qualification.

The school is run exclusively by the principals and their management teams made up of Nigerian and ex-pat staff. NTIC Abuja leads as one of the best in Abuja.

3.Capital Science Academy

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Capital Science Academy Abuja is a well-established and highly successful Secondary day and boarding school set in a beautiful and secluded fifty-hectare campus in Kuje, Abuja.

The school is arguably one of the leading private schools in Nigeria today. Capital Science offers Nigerian curriculum subjects and a wide range of electives.

In the 2022 May/June WAEC, 100% of Capital Science students who sat for the exam had A-C in English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Global Citizenship, History, and ICT.

4.Premiere Academy

Premiere Academy is an international school with excellent boarding provision where personal development, community service, teamwork and leadership are all important aspects of growing and inspiring confident caring international citizens.

In 2022, 44% of students who sat for the WAEC had A1 while 21% had B2 and B4. The school’s alumni have established a record of gaining admission to some of the leading universities in the US and UK and playing vital roles as leaders in their various spheres of influence.

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5.American International School

The American International School of Abuja is an American-accredited international school that has been open since 1993. The school boasts as one of the top schools in Abuja. The school has approximately 500 students from Pre-School to Grade 12 and truly is an international school with over 30 nationalities represented in our student population.

AIS Abuja remains one of the best secondary schools in Abuja in 2023.

6.The Regent College, Abuja

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The regent school is another top school in Abuja that parents prefer. The school is a sixth-form institution of further education, offering a range of carefully crafted courses that meet the standards of international universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean.

7.Lead British International School

LBIS Abuja is a co-educational boarding and day school with branches in Ibadan and Abuja. Its Abuja branch has been in existence for more than 10 years and has a record of excellent performance is both national and international examinations.

The school enrolls pupils and students into early years, primary, and secondary, and also creates a learning space for Pre-University.

8.Aduvie International School

Aduvie International Secondary School offers an inclusive, academically challenging, and selective, co-educational Nigerian–British style Day and Boarding school education to both indigenous and international students from Years 7 to 12.

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The school offers a hybrid curriculum that encompasses the Nigerian and the British and is adapted for Years 7 to 12, with CIE Examinations as well as BECE (National NECO) and the FCT JSCE examinations in Year 9, and the prestigious IGCSE, WASSCE, NECO, and JAMB examinations in Year 12.

9.Whiteplains British Secondary School

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Whiteplains British School is a leading and reputable institution of learning with value-added and quality educational services with corporate credo effectively discharging professional educational standards.

Whiteplains British School has produced top-tier students who have gone on to be beacons and living testimonies in their various tertiary institutes. The school is one of the best schools in Abuja, Nigeria in 2023.

10.Start Rite School

Start Rite is a vibrant, happy, learning community that offers value-based education for learners. Their goal is to develop a confident, well-rounded student, who will possess relevant skills to be actively engaged in tackling 21st Century challenges.

As a school that is passionate about securing the future of tomorrow’s leaders, Start Rite is committed to equipping its students with life, career, and innovative skills towards creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving, leadership and responsibility as well as productivity and accountability.

Start Rite is one of the best schools in Abuja in 2023.

11.Glisten International Academy

Glisten International Academy is a co-educational boarding and day school. It was accredited by the Department of Policy and Implementation in 2007 and has grown since then to become one of the best schools in Abuja.

Glisten International Academy is committed to providing Senior Secondary education through quality teaching, continuous professional development of our members of staff, research, partnerships, and mentoring services that meets and exceeds the expectation of all interested parties.

12.The Centagon International School

The School officially admitted its first batch of students to commence academic activities in September 2010, giving students great opportunities to grow, as well as discover their unique gifts and academic talent.

The school serves Pre – Kindergarten through Secondary School graduation levels. The school is located at 29/31, Mississippi Street, Maitama – Abuja.

13.Faith Academy

Faith Academy Day Secondary School, Kubwa was established in September 2011. It is a part of the Faith Academy Network of Schools Owned by Living Faith Church and managed by the Education Commission. The school has grown from the humble JSS to a full-fledged Secondary school dully accredited by WAEC, NECO, ERC, and the relevant regulatory bodies.

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The faith-based school is one of the most sought-after schools good schools in Abuja.

The best secondary schools in Abuja listed above, have a proven track record of academic excellence, excellent infrastructure, and extracurricular activities.

If you're a parent or guardian looking to give your child the best education in Abuja, these schools are worth considering.


Top 13 Best secondary schools in Abuja (2023) Updated? ›

American International School of Lagos: The American International School of Lagos is undoubtedly one of the best Secondary schools in Nigeria located at Federal Estates, Victoria Island, Lagos. The school was founded in 1964. The school is also one of the oldest in Nigeria currently.

What is the No 1 secondary school in Nigeria? ›

American International School of Lagos: The American International School of Lagos is undoubtedly one of the best Secondary schools in Nigeria located at Federal Estates, Victoria Island, Lagos. The school was founded in 1964. The school is also one of the oldest in Nigeria currently.

Which public secondary school is the best in Nigeria? ›

Top 10 best secondary schools in Nigeria
  • Christ the King College, Onitsha.
  • Loyola Jesuit College.
  • King's College.
  • Grange School, Ikeja, Lagos State.
  • The British International School, Lagos.
  • Vivian Fowler Memorial College.
  • Lumen Christi College Maya Ikorodu.
  • Day Waterman College, Ogun State.
Oct 29, 2022

Who is the best secondary school teacher in Nigeria? ›

The Federal Ministry of Education has announced Miss Adeola Adefemi, an English Teacher with the Oke-Odo Senior High School, Alimosho in Lagos State as the Best Teacher in Nigeria at a national event held recently in Abuja to commemorate the annual World Teachers' Day.

Which is the best secondary school in math in Nigeria? ›

FEDMAT College, Akobo-Ojuirin, Olorunda Aaba, Ibadan, Oyo State, has emerged as the overall best college in the National Mathematics Olympiad competition, 2022 edition, Junior category, conducted by the Mathematics Association of Nigeria(MAN), held recently.


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