Select ALL The Correct Answers. Which Two Sources Are Written Correctly For A Works Cited Page? "Supercars." (2023)

English Middle School


Answer 1

Christie, Agatha. The Mousetrap. 1960. Chicago, Print: Random House

Jung, C.G. The Undiscovered Self. New American Library, 1958.

Attenborough, David. "Vision of Earth." National Geographic, Oct. 2015, pp. 169–84.

the first and the third are good cited works. first comes

author>book name> year of publishing> publisher> pages>when cited in your paper(only for internet sources)

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Why is it helpful to examine the tone of a sonnet?


In a sonnet which is a type of poem with fourteen lines, it is important to examine the tone because by knowing the author's or speaker's attitude you can make an accurate interpretation.

What is the tone of a sonnet?

  • A sonnet is a 14 line poem with iambic pentameter.
  • It was developed by Giacomo da Lentini who lived in the 13th century.
  • The major theme of sonnets is romantic love.
  • Usually, the poet writes for a love interest.
  • In examining the tone of a sonnet, it is important to understand the poet's attitude towards the topic.
  • This will be helpful in correctly determining the interpretation of the sonnet.
  • A sonnet is highly sentimental and full of feeling.
  • This sonnet may seem at first to simply praise the beauty of the poet’s love interest.

To learn more about sonnets, refer to:


It is helpful to examine the tone of a sonnet because, Determining the speaker's attitude toward the topic of a sonnet is essential to an accurate interpretation. Identifying the speakers tone gives us an understanding of the important shift in the passage.

Which of these is a correct statement? A. A topic sentence and thesis statement claims differ in magnitude.
B. A topic sentence summarizes the central thesis.
C. A topic sentence and a thesis statement are essentially the same thing.
D. A topic sentence includes evidence from the text.


its a i think im sorry

I think that it is C

What does Cathy say to hurt Esperanza? How are Cathy’s parents and Esperanza’s parents alike? (The House on Mango Street)



Um.. more information


Why is it bad luck for a woman to be born in the year of the horse ( the house one mango street)


Because then you would be seen as a strong woman, but women are not supposed to be strong.


B. Enjambment

hope this helps :)

Enjambment because the sentence “violets are blue’ could of been placed next to the first line. The only problem is, that would of made it too long, so they used enjambment to keep the flow going.

3. When forming a contraction between "does" and "not," what's the correct way to write it?


doesn't would be the correct contraction

Which statement BEST describes the use of text elements (headings, captions, and print styles) in this document? A)Few text elements are used, but more are unnecessary to aid understanding.
B)Many text elements are used to guide reader understanding in this document.
C)More text elements would likely reduce reader understanding of this document.
D)More text elements would likely improve reader understanding of this document.


The statement BEST describes the use of text elements (headings, captions, and print styles) in this document are Many text elements are used to guide reader understanding in this document.

What is Standardizing a document?

Standardizing a document are ways to bring the best out of the documents, and this can be achieved in various levels when working on the documents.

Standardization can be performed on the structure and the content of the documents as well as the layout. Information models can be of use when standardizing.

Thus, option "B" is correct.

To learn more about document click here:


I think your answer would be B, I am sorry if I’m wrong

What kind of meter is Robert Frost known for using? A. Free verse.
B. Iambic pentameter.
C. Open form.
D. Dactylic trimeter.


B. Iambic pentameter.

B. Iambic pentameter

According to the essay, what was one of the reasons Ezra Pound was responsible for the poetic revolution? A. Because of his innovative verse.

B. Because he used ornamental language.

C. Because he ignored other poets.

D. Because of his rejection of poetic guidelines.


Ezra Pound helped in bringing poetic revolution by the way of usage of innovative verses in the essays.

Who was Ezra Pound?

Ezra Pound was one of the most important poets to have ever contributed to the American poetry. He was highly revered as an important figure in the modern forms of poetry.

He earned popularity due to his unique way of portrayal of poems, which included use of verse with innovation to add uniqueness to the poetic scheme.

Hence, option A holds true regarding the contributions of Ezra Pound in the poetic revolution.

Learn more about Ezra Pound here:


I believe the correct answer would be option A. Because of his innovative verse.

He was one of the most prominent authors in the early modernist poetry movement.

Hope I could help! :)

What is one way to appeal to ethos?


I believe the correct answer would be by referencing trusted sources. Ethos is based on the integrity, credibility, and reliability of the writer.

Hope I could help! :)

Provide personal experience or know someone whose experience can relate to what you are talking about

or... use detailed research

that should be right correct me if I am wrong

Which one of these lines uses iambic pentameter? A. Generally, fish make for rather tame pets.

B. Saachi is a good and trusted friend.

C. “Watch out!” The young women cried.

D. I think that John is looking glum to me.


I believe the correct answer choice is option D. I think that John is looking glum to me.

An iambic sentence should have a total of ten syllables per line. Option C. has 7 syllables, Option A. has 11 syllables, and Option B. has 9 syllables.

Hope I could help! :)

Which pattern of organization is best for literary essay contrasting two characters?​


When creating and drafting a compare and contrast essay, contrasting two characters, you should use logical order order to organize.

Using logical order helps you present the specific traits you want to compare and contrast during the stages of writing.

Hope I could help! :)

How do your personal economics affect the United States and the world


Our personal economics affect the United States and the world in several ways. It might negatively impact the stock market because of fears that the American economy may also begin to decline.

David couldn’t wait to get off work, for he had an exciting weekend planned. He and his seven year-old son, Landon, were going on a camping trip. As David drove toward the Greenville suburb where Landon lived with his mother, the guilt gnawed at him. He hated that since the divorce nearly a year ago, he had not spent the quality time with Landon that he now wished he had. The two hour drive to Landon’s new home only complicated the wish for more frequent visits. David decided he was not going to dwell on the past, but instead look to the future. This weekend camping trip was just what they needed. Which statement BEST summarizes the plot of the passage?
A)David and Landon’s mother cannot get along, so they get a divorce.
B)In an effort to make up for lost time, David takes his son on a camping trip.
C)A father and son camping trip is disappointing because they cannot catch any fish.
D)Landon becomes angry with his parents for getting a divorce and runs away to a campsite near Greenville.


The correct answer is B. There is nothing about fishing or him running away and only a small part was about the divorce.

Based on information and context clues, what is the BEST definition of the word ropes as it is used in paragraph 4? A)large cords of fiber
B)bindings or fastenings
C)special techniques or procedures
D)a string of things joined together


c -special techniques or procedures

What does the text say? like tell me the sentence

Which question should you not ask during the revision process


Is the content clear? is the answer.

Where do you supporting details usually appear in an essay?


They usually appear in the body paragraph
Hope this helps!!!!!

In the body paragraphs is there you'll find supporting details.

Read the following story excerpt and answer the question that follows: "Come on James!" Nick called him from the street. "Let's get to the court. The guys are waiting." James looked down at his list of assignments on the computer. "Nick, I can't go today," he yelled regretfully out his window. "I am behind on my work. You are, too! You should come over and we can study together." No response from Nick. James sighed and opened his website. A short time later he heard a loud knock at the door. It was Nick. "You were right. Let's finish up and then go shoot hoops."
What does this dialogue reveal about James?
A. James is a responsible person.
B. James cares more about basketball than school.
C.James is reckless about his schooling.
D.James likes to study alone.


A. James is a responsible person

4Although the race is different in some ways, the Tour de France still includes many important traditions. One of these traditions is the awarding of colored jerseys to certain riders to set them apart from others. A white jersey is presented to the best young rider under the age of 25. A jersey with polka dots is given to the leader in the king of mountains classification. A green jersey is given to the rider who leads in the number of points. The most well-known and coveted jersey is the yellow jersey, or the mallot jaune as it is called in French. This jersey designates the leader of the race (Lake 99–102). 24)
Based on the context, the word designates in paragraph 4 means
A)"gives special powers to."
B)"makes a target of."
C)"awards honors to."
D)"sets apart"



D) "sets apart"


Got it right on USA test prep


The correct answer is B.


Which of the following is the best synonym for perspective? Argument
Point of view


Point of view would be your answer because it’s showing how the character views things

It would have to be point of view because your perspective is the way YOU see things.

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